Mt Wellington’s booming economy a drawcard for Richmond residents


Richmond is set in the heart of what is a booming economy.

Few people realise just how large – and how strong – Mt Wellington’s economy is. And that’s a huge plus for Richmond residents.

Mt Wellington is one of the largest economies in the Auckland area. In fact, it is a $10 billion economy – that’s larger than Hamilton’s, New Zealand’s fourth largest city. This underpins why the area is, from a location aspect, a smart area for development.

Sustained growth in jobs

Growing at a rate of 3.3% per annum, there are almost 100,000 jobs in the Mt Wellington economy. This jobs growth has remained strong since 2000.

Of the 100,000 people who work in the area surrounding Richmond, just over half of them are engaged at a professional level; 50,785 people are employed as managers, professionals or technicians.

And while Richmond has been developed with the local economy, jobs and opportunity in mind, it is also in an ideal location. Right on Richmond’s doorstep is Auckland’s CBD, the train station, motorway and Sylvia Park.

Nestled in the heart of Mt Wellington, Richmond is set amid a thriving community and economy that offers a world of opportunity.

Those behind the project truly believe in Mt Wellington and its economy. They had a vision that Richmond would become an integral part of what is an up and coming area in Auckland. And those who live there will benefit from that.

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